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The Terrifying Premieres and Upcoming Releases of Horror Video Games for Halloween

A man dressed as a zombie playing video games with a joystick.

October brings a unique atmosphere, steeped in mystery and excitement, and what better way to celebrate Halloween than by immersing oneself in the chilling worlds of horror video games. In this article, we will explore the thrilling releases of this year and the titles that are about to send shivers down players' spines.

This Year: Exciting Releases of Horror Video Games

  1. Resident Evil Village: The iconic survival horror franchise made a powerful return this year with Resident Evil Village. It plunges us into a cursed village and its surroundings, filled with grotesque creatures and macabre enigmas. This installment left us trembling with its immersive atmosphere and captivating narrative.

  2. Little Nightmares II: This sequel to the acclaimed indie horror and platformer game takes us into a dark and surreal world where horrors lurk around every corner. Guiding Mono and Six through grotesque landscapes, we face terrifying challenges and encounter eerie characters on a journey into the unknown.

  3. The Medium: Developed by Bloober Team, this psychological horror game takes us to explore two dimensions simultaneously. Embodied as Marianne, a medium with paranormal abilities, we unravel the secrets of an ancient abandoned hotel and confront supernatural entities. A terrifying and innovative experience.

  4. Outlast Trials: In this upcoming release, players will delve into the world of terrifying experiments during the Cold War era. Outlast Trials promises a cooperative horror experience where survival depends on teamwork and cunning to face the lurking horrors.