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Steam Gamers Rebel: Helldivers 2 Requires PlayStation Network Connection

Statistical values on the game's negative and positive reviews.

Helldivers 2, one of the most popular games of the year and a major hit for PlayStation Studios, has faced a wave of negative reviews in recent hours after a significant change in its connection requirements for Steam users.

Until now, the game allowed players to enjoy the title without needing to connect to a PlayStation Network (PSN) account, thanks to a grace period previously announced due to technical issues at launch. However, PlayStation Studios has announced that this period has ended, and starting May 6, connecting to a PlayStation account will be mandatory for all new players. Existing users will have a bit more time, until May 30, to comply with this new requirement.

A Disgruntled Community

The change has sparked a strong reaction from the Helldivers 2 community on Steam, with users leaving a flood of negative reviews, expressing their discontent over the imposition of this requirement. Players are frustrated by the need to create a PlayStation Network account, even if they don't own a PlayStation console, seeing it as an unnecessary barrier to enjoying the game on their preferred platform.

The official Helldivers 2 account on X (formerly Twitter) explained the reason behind this new requirement, stating that it is a critical measure to protect players and maintain security in PlayStation Studios' games. The connection to PSN allows the company to manage abusive behavior and ban players who violate rules, while also providing an appeals system for those who are banned by mistake.